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Vishal Calls Off Wedding with Anisha?

Vishal Calls Off Wedding with Anisha?

The strong buzz in Tollywood and Kollywood circles is that Vishal has called off his engagement with Anisha Reddy.

This is shocking news. But the reports of cancellation of their wedding spread like wildfire for the past couple of days.

Early this year, Vishal got engaged to Hyderabad based Alla Anisha Reddy, who is a daughter of a businessmen.

Their engagement ceremony took place in Hyderabad in a rich style and they planned to get married in Chennai in the month of October.

Anisha also recently spotted on the location of one of his movies in Turkey. It is strange that they are now heading for split. Why this news has spread now?

Anisha has suddenly deleted all photos of Vishal and hers from her Instagram account. She removed every single photo of Vishal and their engagement. This has made people believe that all is not well.

Will Vishal make an official clarification on these reports?

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