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Vaitla & Kona: Arrogance Brought Them Down

Vaitla & Kona: Arrogance Brought Them Down

Every celebrity goes through ups and downs in their career but the ones who stand for long are the ones who remain grounded when success favours them.

Ones who take success into their head get jolt very soon. The pathetic situation that director Sreenu Vaitla and writer Kona Venkat are facing is the result of this arrogance after the success, says an analyst.

The mammoth hit of Dookudu made Sreenu Vaitla believe that he is the number one director surpassing the position of Rajamouli and he started behaving in a way that he is the king of Tollywood and refused to give story credit to his writer team Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan for the movie Baadshah.

Although Baadshah was not a big hit, the film turned out to be best grosser in NTR's career. Vaitla’s arrogance sky rocketed and he threw actor Prakash Raj from the movie Aagadu for a simple reason.

Prakash Raj's episode and his arrogant attitude made people believe that he is acting 'extra'. Audience punished him by making Aagadu a big disaster. The flop of Bruce Lee and his wife filing a case against him was the last straw.

After the fall out with Vaitla, writer Kona Venkat worked hard on scripts that worked in his favour and made him get good hits with small movies.

Post Geetanjali's success, Kona too started behaving in an arrogant way, taking success to his head. Kona made many lofty statements but he was also punished by the same audiences with four flops in row - Bruce Lee, Tripura, Akhil and Sankarabharanam.

After the failure of Sankarabharanam, not just Vaitla many in the industry celebrated. This shows how arrogantly Kona behaved with some of them.

Today both of them are on the same platform with the image of flop writer/director. Truly, Karma they say is a bitch!