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Trivikram To Quit Movies With These Election Results?

Trivikram To Quit Movies With These Election Results?

There is widespread speculation in the film industry that Trivikram will step away from film direction as the Alliance won the election and Pawan Kalyan turned victorious in Pithapuram and also going to secure a seat in the Assembly as a Minister.

Now the close sources say that Trivikram would permanently retire from the film industry, citing the immense emotional and mental strain involved in making movies and achieving success.

According to a source, Trivikram would choose to become a close associate of Pawan Kalyan and even serve as an advisor to the TDP supremo, as there will be scope to significantly increasing his returns to at least ten to twenty times what he could make through filmmaking over a period of five years.

The source also claims that Pawan Kalyan heavily relies on Trivikram's guidance and is unable to make many decisions without his advice. 

While this assertion is speculative, many find it convincing, and it wouldn't be surprising if it were to come to fruition. 

Some add fuel to this by saying that Trivikram has lost interest in filmmaking in comparison to his enthusiasm for involvement in politics and advising Pawan Kalyan.


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