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Trivikram Away From Pawan Kalyan Until Elections

Trivikram Away From Pawan Kalyan Until Elections

Trivikram seems to have realized the repercussions of the box office outcome of the film "Bro" and the backlash from a significant portion of the population and YCP leaders in the state.

Once regarded as a talented and respected director, his association with Pawan Kalyan has earned him a controversial image.

His decision to include a scene spoofing Ambati Rambabu in the film further ignited controversy. This has resulted in a barrage of cuss words and negative comments from YCP supporters on social media.

Trivikram's previously strong following among family audiences seems to have suffered due to this association.

A few years ago, Ram Gopal Varma's OTT film "Power Star," which depicted Trivikram's character being slapped by Pawan Kalyan, initiated the disrespectful approach against him.

Due to the fallout from "Bro," it is rumored that Trivikram will distance himself from openly associating with Pawan Kalyan until the upcoming general elections.

The film "Ustaad" also faced delays allegedly because of Trivikram's influence, but now he appears to have decided not to involve himself in Pawan Kalyan's films, allowing the project to move forward.

It is implied that only opportunists can thrive alongside Pawan Kalyan, while it is not the cup of tea for clean individuals with a decent image like Trivikram.


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