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Top Producer Is Furious With Overseas Distributor

Top Producer Is Furious With Overseas Distributor

Business transactions in the cinema field primarily rely on trust and verbal agreements. Written contracts are often seen as mere formalities.

It has been almost a year since a major production company released a film, which turned out to be a tremendous success in every aspect, including overseas markets. However, the producer is yet to receive the outstanding overflow amount from the distributor.

Despite the overseas buyer paying the advance, they have failed to fulfill the remaining payment, leading to the producer's fury towards the distributor.

Another producer had faced a similar issue with this distributor but could not take any action due to their smaller profile in the industry.

The major producer is particularly enraged as they hold significant influence in the filmmaking industry.

The distributor's situation tells a different story. Out of the ten films they distributed, only two turned out to be box office hits, while the remaining eight were unsuccessful.

As a result, the distributors have to make financial adjustments to compensate for the losses incurred.


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