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Top Music Director's 'Extras' Costing Heavy!

Top Music Director's 'Extras' Costing Heavy!

He is one of the top music directors in Telugu cinema industry now. He not only scores music for big ticket films but also small movies.

He charges according to the budget and scale of the film, but producers should also spend extra money on his Hyderabad trips.

The said music director has his studio set up in Chennai and doesn't have one in Hyderabad.

Directors and producers will have to go to Chennai for music sittings and when he is needed in Hyderabad, he flies down to the City of Pearls and stays at a service apartment in Hotel Park Hyatt. 

He doesn't stay anywhere else but the same service apartment that costs a lot for the producers.

They should also pay for his business class flight tickets and the expenses for bringing his equipment to Hyderabad.

It would be a great favor for producers if he sets up studio in Hyderabad than burning a hole in their pockets with his luxury stay.



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