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This Character Actress is Seeing a Technician!

This Character Actress is Seeing a Technician!

A popular character actress’s close friendship with another celebrity is the hot topic in the bylane of Film Nagar in Hyderabad.

Link-ups are quite common in the film world. But what is gaining everyone’s attention is she is an actress and he is a leading technician with riding popularity. They generally never cross paths as both of their works are different.

The actress is married but doesn’t have kids. This technician is also married with kids. But they seem to have hit off well.

She was recently spotted at a popular five-star hotel in Hyderabad with this ‘close’ friend. After making sure that no one was watching them, they quickly moved into a ‘private space’ in the hotel.

She was quite busy till a few months ago but she is not getting many offers now. However, his career is zooming ahead with viral hits.

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