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These big heroes are fleecing producers!

These big heroes are fleecing producers!

There may be truth in the theory that commercial success of any film depends on the craze for its hero. Taking advantage of this, big heroes who generally act in just one film a year, are trying to make maximum money with this one film.

This is turning out to be a huge burden on the producers. Apart from charging crores of rupees of remuneration, they are also demanding a share in the profits.

There is a talk in the industry that Allu Arjun is making unreasonable demand from the producers for his forthcoming film “Ala Vaikuntapuramulo.”

Sources said Allu Arjun is charging a remuneration of Rs 25 crore for this film. Besides, he is also demanding that his father be paid a share in the film’s profits, though Geetha Arts has little involvement in the film making.

Since it is a hero-dominated film, the producers had no option but to accept this demand, despite it being unreasonable. 

Similarly, Mahesh Babu is claiming himself to be producer of his coming film “Sarileru Neekevvaru.”

He has not made any investment in the film and so, he cannot have an equal and justifiable share in the profits. But the producer has to sign the agreement stating that whatever revenue that comes from non-theatrical part of the film will be credit to Mahesh Babu’s account.

Despite demanding such a hefty remuneration, these actors are not compromising on the quality in the making of the film and are not giving any chance to the producers to save a little money through cost-cutting. They are forcing the producers to spend four times more than what it actually is required to spend.

Yet, if the film flops, buyers will not say a single word against the heroes, but sit on the heads of the producers. They take away whatever little money the producers make from the film.

That is precisely why big producers are gradually phasing themselves out of the Telugu film industry. And those who remained in the industry out of passion are falling victims to the tantrums of big heroes!

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