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The Sunny Leone of Tollywood?

The Sunny Leone of Tollywood?

One film can work wonders for the career of a person. Guntur Talkies has done just that for Rashmi.

The anchor-turned actress is being flooded with offers post the film. And there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that had it not been for her hot and steamy scenes in the film nobody would have bothered to enter the theatre.

Blessed with strikingly good looks, Reshma is recently believed to have signed a film for a remuneration of Rs 20 lakhs given upfront.

Not a bad price when one considers that she is believed to have done a recently released film called Antham for a mere Rs 1 lakh.  But here is the thing!

The majority of offers coming her way are all along the lines of Guntur Talkies naturally! So, will she put a stop to such roles and start doing roles of substance that will ensure her career longevity or will she continue to remain the Sunny Leone of Tollywood?

That’s the million dollar question!



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