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That Bad Sentiment Spoiled Mahesh's Career?

That Bad Sentiment Spoiled Mahesh's Career?

Tollywood is one industry that strongly believes in sentiments. From muhurthams to release dates, sentiments prevail but in a hurry the team of PVP Cinema and hero Mahesh Babu seems to have forgotten a bad sentiment.

Some fans are talking about this on social media. In Mahesh Babu's career two films are considered as biggest disasters - "Nani" and "Nijam". Both the movies were released in the month of May. Now "Brahmotsavam" has faced similar fate when it hit the theatres on May 20, 2016, they point out.

Mahesh Babu did director Teja's "Nijam" when the director was riding high with series of successes. Despite Teja going through successes, the movie turned out to be a disaster when it released on May 23 in 2003. 

Director S J Surya who gave biggest hit to Pawan Kalyan with Kushi came to direct Mahesh Babu in "Nani". The film had many expectations as S J Surya was considered then top director in South India. But "Nani" bombed at the box-office and became a big dud when it released on 14th May in 2004.

Looks like May is not auspicious for Mahesh Babu's movies though his movies work when they get released in April. "Pokiri" released on 28th April in 2006 became a landmark film in his career.



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