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Srinu Vaitla Hits An All Time Low

Srinu Vaitla Hits An All Time Low

Director Srinu Vaitla who was hailed as one of the most bankable directors in Tollywood is struggling to find an opportunity now.

Even superstars used to wait for their chance to work under him. But back to back disasters with Aagadu and Bruce Lee has hurt his reputation so much that even young heroes are not willing to work with him.

Srinu Vaitla has reportedly narrated a story to Ram who didn’t say yes or no until now. Vaitla got the message loud and clear that he turned up at Naga Chaitanya’s office to narrate the same storyline.

Chaitanya is very busy at the moment to consider a movie with Vaitla it seems. Srinu Vaitla was on top exactly two years ago and everything has dramatically turned upside down for him.

Not just Sreenu Vaitla even VV Vinayak will find it tough to find a film after Akhil’s debacle. Sticking to age old formula and not trying any variety is finally taking its toll on these star directors.

It would be a gigantic task for them to bounce back from this state. They are talented enough to do that and let’s hope it will happen soon for their own and Telugu Cinema’s prosperity.



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