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Shocking: Salaries For 'RRR' Team Stopped?

Shocking: Salaries For 'RRR' Team Stopped?

RRR is the biggest film being made in Tollywood. This mega multi starrer film has a huge star cast ranging from Ram Charan, NTR, Ajay Devgan, Alia Bhatt and many.

The shooting was supposed to resume from July but things are not happening due to extended fears of Coronavirus. 

Like in many other companies, even the RRR team got only half salaries from the last two months. But as a shock to the entire team, the company has declared that they are not going to pay any salary from this month.

It is yet to be known if this is for all the departments or only for selected few departments. But a key department has got the message that the salaries are going to be stopped from this month. 

Whatever it is, the maximum amount being given as salaries for the team members in the above mentioned department may not be more than Rs 5 lakh per month. So, if it is for the next three months, it will be around Rs 15 lakh more.

Considering the budget of RRR, the amount is meagre. But why have they stopped suddenly? 

The reason is also heard. 

There is no clarity on when the shooting is going to be resumed. It may be after three months or six months or may be beyond. So, only due to this uncertainty the salaries are stopped.

If the situation of the RRR team is like this, the miserable condition of other film units can be understood.

It is being said that many associates and assistants working for various top banners are now asking for Rs 5000 or Rs 10000 from their employers as well as friends to run their families. 

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