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Sex Scandal: Two Heroines Under Tension

Sex Scandal: Two Heroines Under Tension

The recent sex scandal that was unearthed by US authorities in Chicago has raised heartbeat of several actresses.

The authorities named five actresses as the victims but several names are now being floated in media.

Kishan Modugumodi and his wife allegedly lured several Tollywood, Kollywood and Sandalwood heroines into flesh trade.

Two names of Tollywood heroines are being reported by all media houses. Both these heroines are young starlets and interestingly both of them are linked romantically to two celebrities. One heroine is said to have dated a young hero and the other a Telugu director.

These two heroines are said to be under tension.

On the other hand, Sri Reddy and some Youtube channels are giving hints about these actresses and spoiling their image.

Recently a prominent anchor turned actress slammed these channels without mentioning this sordid episode.

All the actresses and singers who recently attended various USA cultural activities are now being seen suspicious manner.

Some actresses say it is unfair to club all of them together just because they attended the events.



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