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Sandeep Vanga Family To Bag Rs 200 Cr

Sandeep Vanga Family To Bag Rs 200 Cr

These days are filled with tension, wondering whether a big movie will earn at least ten crores or not.

Pocketing a staggering 200 crores with just one film is nothing short of hitting the jackpot, and Sandeep Vanga's family did exactly that with the movie "Animal."

Sandeep Vanga has been into production ever since "Arjun Reddy." He brought his brother Pranay Reddy back from America when he ventured into Bollywood, entrusting him with the film's production duties.

Despite T-Series providing studio funding for the movie "Animal," Pranay Reddy managed all aspects of production, becoming a partner in the venture with a fifty-fifty share.

Notably, T-Series, as a company, does not sell movies but distributes the film against advances, and this film followed the same distribution pattern, ultimately becoming a blockbuster.

Looking at it now, it appears that the remuneration and profit share for the Vanga family will reach an impressive 200 crores.

This stands as a significant jackpot, potentially surpassing even the successes of renowned directors like Rajamouli.

Moreover, the film is still running, and no one knows where the final figure lands.


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