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Reel Buzz: Is It Basava Tarakam's Biopic?

Reel Buzz: Is It Basava Tarakam's Biopic?

There has been a lot of interest surrounding NTR biopic given the last phase of the late legendary actor's life.

Biopic means chronicling all the events of an individual life from birth to death.

It is a perfect case of rise and fall of an individual. NTR had married again after his wife's death at the age of seventy and was thrown out of his own party.

In his last days, the legendary leader went on to canvass against his own family that had ditched him. He passed away while going through a very lean phase.

But the makers of NTR biopic are not covering the last phase of the actor's life. Hence, they worked a trick around and narrated the whole story in NTR's wife Basava Tarakam's point of view.

The biopic is about NTR through his wife's eyes. The story will end with the episode where NTR comes back to power against Nadendla. Second part of biopic will conclude with the passing away of Basava Tarakam.

So the biopic is all about Basava Tarakam's relation with NTR and his ups and downs through her eyes. The character is so important, which is why someone of Vidya Balan's stature has been roped into play it. 

Meanwhile, Ram Gopal Varma's biopic on NTR will be told through his second wife Lakshmi Parvathi's eyes. Hence it has been titled Lakshmi's NTR.

That movie will cover all the episodes that were omitted in the biopic starring Balakrishna and directed by Krish. 



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