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Reel Buzz: Character Actor Turns Costly

Reel Buzz: Character Actor Turns Costly

Regarded as one of the versatile and talented actors in Tollywood, this character actor is making producers look alternative for him. For, he is demanding a heavy paycheck.

He does justice to any role he’s given and directors think he’s the best option. However, producers have started feeling the pinch.

He demands Rs 4 lakhs per a single call sheet. He generally gets to play key characters that require nearly 50 days. So, for a big movie, he is taking home nearly Rs 2 Cr remuneration.

Besides this, his maintenance is too costly. He comes to the sets in two cars. One for his personal use, and the other for personal staff.

All the maintenance for his two cars and the personal staff’s salary have to be borne by the producers.

Producers are asking directors not to give roles to him and start looking for an alternative. Once the makers get alternative, the industry would not approach him again. 

It is time that this talented actor realizes the current scene and slash the remuneration and other demands.

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