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Reel Buzz: A Small Big Film

Reel Buzz: A Small Big Film

Hyderabad: Mention the name of Khaidi No 150 and what comes to mind immediately is an image of grandeur. Naturally, for this is Megastar Chiranjeevi's 150th film apart from being a major comeback film.

Expectations are therefore bound to be high! But in these days of Baahubalis and Srimanthudus, what do you think the budget of Khaidi No 150 is? Rs 18 crore! Yes, that's right!

Industry sources say that without remunerations, that is precisely the budget of the movie. Add in the remunerations and publicity costs and it would still be way short of the budgets of some of the Tollywood movies being made these days.

Guess that's one advantage of the movie being a home production.



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