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Reasons Behind 'Pushpa' Hungama In Russia

Reasons Behind 'Pushpa' Hungama In Russia

It has been one year since 'Pushpa' was released. Suddenly the team came out to promote the film in Russia.

Already some guerilla promotional activities are going on in the form of Russian girls dancing for 'Saami Saami'. Yes, after two Japanese guys danced to RRR's 'Naattu Naattu', it's the turn of a Russian girl to make some moves for Pushpa's song.

Well, Rajamouli has a goal of winning the attention of Oscar Committee with his international promotions of his 2022 film 'RRR'. But why is 'Pushpa', a 2021 film, making noise now beyond borders? There is no chance to compete for Oscars anyway!

Here come a few answers. 

Many say that Allu Arjun is keen on gaining international fame like that of Ram Charan and NTR. So he realized that Pushpa-The Rise is the only film in hand which can be promoted internationally at producer's cost.

Well, why does the producer spend on this purposeless publicity for the self interest of the hero?

Sources say that Allu Arjun might have convinced the producer that the money invested on international publicity would yield better return for Pushpa-The Rule, the sequel which is on cards. 

Well, the film KGF2 stopped at becoming a national phenomenon. Bahubali2 tried its best to make its presence in international languages but only to an extent. RRR is trying to make the heads of international audiences turn towards Indian Cinema. But Allu Arjun wishes to surpass all these franchises and make his 'Pushpa-The Rule' run like an Indian Narcos in the international circuit. 

"In fact 'Pushpa-The Rise' is an inspiration from the Netflix Series 'Narcos'. But Netflix is suspends service in Russia and so Allu Arjun and Co might have assumed that there could be a chance of embracing 'Pushpa-The Rise' on par with that of Colombian 'Narcos', the biopic of Pablo Escobar. So, they started their mission-international from Russia" says a source. 

On the other hand some are saying that this is nothing but the Kamma-Kapu feud in the film industry which has been secretly going on with the right competitive spirit.

"While Rajamouli is rocking internationally with NTR, Sukumar also should rock with Allu Arjun in the same space. It's a K and K feud", says an insider. 

Technically speaking, RRR and Pushpa ran really well in the Nizam region but in AP they incurred some losses to the distributors, though not in a big way. But as Pushpa ran well in the Hindi circuit, the team got highly enthusiastic and now believe that the 'Pushpa-The Rule' has got the potential to go international. Hence Pushpa-1 is taken to Russia. 

Now the collection saga also continues. It is difficult to track the collections in various centers within India itself. Who can track what's happening in other countries?

Already RRR declared some additional collections from Japan and other countries and brought the numbers almost equal to that of KGF2. Now Pushpa-The Rise also must be in the same mission to crawl up the ladder adding international collections. In fact, whatever is shown in wikipedia will become history. 

Let us wish all the best for Allu Arjun for his new desire to show himself to the international audience in the guise of taking Telugu cinema beyond borders.


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