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Ram Charan Was Against Chiranjeevi

Ram Charan Was Against Chiranjeevi

Mega Fans are waiting for Bruce Lee The Fighter with bated breath to see Megastar Chiranjeevi on the big screen after a hiatus.

Chiranjeevi played a cameo in this film where he will be seen in a fight sequence. Ram Charan, Srinu Vaitla and the team of Bruce Lee wanted to cast another big hero for this role.

However they couldn’t get the dates of the said hero and Srinu Vaitla came up with the idea of casting Chiranjeevi in it.

Ram Charan opposed the idea as he wanted Chiranjeevi’s 150th film to be a prestigious one and not a cameo appearance.

With Ram Charan standing against his idea, Srinu Vaitla directly contacted Chiranjeevi and the Megastar liked it. Chiranjeevi and Srinu Vaitla had to convince Ram Charan for this who is still not much in favor of this idea.

Srinu Vaitla initially wanted to shoot a song and fight on Chiranjeevi but Ram Charan only agreed upon the fight scene and denied the song.

Ram Charan says Chiranjeevi’s look in this film is electrifying. Chiru sports stubble that reminds us of his Gangleader appearance.

Charan says Chiru looks slimmer than his Shankardada days in Bruce Lee. He said that Chiranjeevi’s film as full fledged hero will be announced on October 16th.



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