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Producer Holds Expensive Suite In Top Hosiptal

Producer Holds Expensive Suite In Top Hosiptal

Coronavirus is not leaving anyone. But there is  a slight difference between the rich and the poor in some choices to prevent the danger.

The people with deep pockets are getting the hospital facilities in the right time. Sometimes, even the money is not being able to help.

Hence a big Tollywood producer has booked a suite for himself permanently in a big corporate hospital located in Hyderabad. 

Recently when he was affected by Corona, he spent his time in the suite and got well soon. 

The Five Star suite is reserved by the producer for his family members to get isolated with proper treatment if necessary. 

When the suite is vacant, the hospital staff take permission from the producer to give it to some other affluent Covid patient.

Depending on the personal relation or the status of that person, the producer may grant permission. 

Thus the producer is spending lakhs on that suite room and decided to hold it till the pandemic curve gets flattened.

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