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Prabhas Charged Over 80 Lakhs For Every Second?

Prabhas Charged Over 80 Lakhs For Every Second?

Prabhas, known for his restrained dialogue delivery, continues to exhibit his acting prowess with each successive film.

SS Rajamouli, while directing him in the Baahubali franchise, praised his captivating screen presence, a trait that has been evident in all his subsequent films.

Regardless of the film's overall quality, Prabhas commands attention with his fine control over his on-screen persona.

Rather than relying on lengthy monologues, Prabhas effectively communicates through his expressive eyes and actions.

The trailer for Salaar accentuates the importance directors place on his presence over verbal communication. The screenplay is meticulously crafted to emphasize these aspects.

According to reports, Prabhas reportedly had just 2 minutes and 35 seconds of dialogue in the total runtime of 2 hours and 55 minutes for Salaar.

A fan compiled all the dialogues of Rebel Star from the film, revealing this duration. Taking this intriguing statistic a step further, we compare it with the colossal amount Prabhas is said to have charged for Salaar.

Reports suggest that he received a staggering amount of 100 crores plus 10% of the film's profit. With a budget of 350 crores (inclusive of all costs), the film collected 620 crores worldwide, resulting in an approximate return of 250 crores. This would add an additional 25 crores (10%) to Prabhas' earnings, bringing his total salary to 125 crores.

Calculating the 125 crores he charged for Salaar divided by the 2 minutes 35 seconds of his total dialogues, it means that every second of his speech earned him Rs 80,64,516. This makes it one of the most expensive speeches any star could have delivered.

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