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Pitiful Situation Of Ram Charan's 'Game Changer'

Pitiful Situation Of Ram Charan's 'Game Changer'

Director Shankar is currently occupied with the post-production and promotional activities for "Indian 2."

Meanwhile, his other major project, "Game Changer," starring Ram Charan, remains incomplete.

Originally scheduled for a shoot this month, there are doubts about whether it will proceed, adding to the series of previously canceled schedules. This raises significant questions about whether the film will be completed and released this year.

As of now, only six months remain in the year, and many high-profile films, including NTR's "Devara," are set for release. Securing a prime festival release date for "Game Changer" is becoming increasingly challenging.

Despite needing only 30 more working days to wrap up filming, and Ram Charan's availability for just ten of those days, frequent cancellations have delayed progress.

Reliable sources indicate that Ram Charan has had to cancel multiple shooting days due to personal reasons, contributing to the film's prolonged production timeline.

Fans and the public have largely blamed director Shankar for the delays, though insiders suggest the actual issue might lie elsewhere.

Even if the shooting concludes by August, the post-production phase would extend for at least another month, pushing the potential release to October, November, or December.

However, given the current state of production, it remains uncertain whether the movie will be completed and released this year.


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