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Now Mahesh Is Upset With His Co-Director!

Now Mahesh Is Upset With His Co-Director!

Looks like it is bad season for co-directors on the sets of big superstars. Recently, Allu Arjun firing on his co-director made it to the headlines of film columns.

Now we came to know about another incident where Mahesh Babu was upset with the co-director of Sarileru Neekevvaru.

There was news about Mahesh Babu asking to supply mineral water to everybody on the sets during Kashmir schedule. However, buzz has it that the news was reported in Mahesh's favor by his PR team.

If the buzz has to be believed, direction department complained to co-director about the drinking water supplied on sets.

They were unhappy with the quality of water supplied and the co-director directly took it to Mahesh's notice and the superstar told him to talk to the production unit.

Mahesh was reportedly upset with the co-director bringing such trivial matter to his notice and asked Anil Ravipudi to replace him. But replacing co-director will upset all the scheduled plans and therefore Anil pacified him and said that he would see that it won't repeat again.

The PR team of Mahesh sensed that this would be leaked to the media and they cooked up a story that would show the superstar as a generous person.

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