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Nayanatara Iron Leg At Promo Functions?

Nayanatara Iron Leg At Promo Functions?

Nayanatara takes hefty remuneration running into a few crores for her films, but when it comes to promotional activities of the film, she is cleverly avoiding the same.

Very recently, she did the film “Babu Bangaram” and was paid massive remuneration as she perfectly suited Venkatesh. Though the film makers treated her with utmost respect, Nayanatara has refused to take part in the promotion of the film.

Even for her forthcoming film “Inkokkadu” starring Vikram, Nayanatara made it clear that she would not take part in its promotional activities.

While Vikram was present in the audio release function of the film in Telugu, Nayanatara was nowhere to be seen. So, she feels her role ends with acting in the film and had no responsibility in promoting the film.

How is it possible only for Nayanatara, when all other heroines are actively participating in the film promotional activities and how is she able to get away with it?

Enquiries revealed that Nayantara has been telling producers that her participation in film promotional activities, it would be anti-sentiment for the film and there is every possibility that it would become a flop.

Since the film industry blindly believes sentiments, it has np option but to believe her. How can somebody not believe her, when Nayanatara herself is claiming that she is an iron leg in the promotional programmes?

For them, success of the film is more important than seeing Nayanatara in promotional activities.

Is is a clever strategy by Nayanatara to avoid participation in film functions?



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