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Mahesh Causes Rift Between Chiranjeevi and Koratala?

Mahesh Causes Rift Between Chiranjeevi and Koratala?

All is not well between the Acharya hero Megastar Chiranjeevi and director Koratala Siva, claim reports from film nagar.

Chiranjeevi is reportedly upset with Koratala Siva for contacting Mahesh Babu with respect to Acharya without his consent.

Mahesh Babu’s name came up when they were looking for alternatives for the role originally assigned to Ram Charan.

Being a close friend of Mahesh, director Koratala Siva has contacted Mahesh to know if he is interested to play an extended cameo in Acharya.

Koratala hasn’t informed Chiranjeevi about contacting Mahesh and the news broke out before the director intimated about it to the Megastar.

It was all over media that Mahesh is being considered for Acharya while Chiranjeevi is still weighing options for the said role.

Chiranjeevi decided to stick with Charan considering budget issues, but he is still upset with Koratala Siva for approaching Mahesh without his consent.

Chiru and Koratala will still be working together, but this issue has created a small rift between them.