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'Loose Tongue' Director Gets An Earful From Top Star!

'Loose Tongue' Director Gets An Earful From Top Star!

He is one of the well known directors in Telugu Cinema industry who has worked with big stars in the past. His recent film with a youngster did well at the box office. 

In spite of his talent as a filmmaker this director frequently gets into the bad books of others because of his loose tongue.

He was at a private party recently, where one of the top stars of Tollywood also attended.

While having a chat with the star and a few other industry people the loose tongue director made jokes on a top director whose film is out in theaters now.

He went overboard talking about the director and mentioned a disastrous movie of his without realizing the fact that the said top star was the lead actor in it.

He kept on making jokes on the movie until the star lost his cool. The actor was so furious that he gave an earful to the director.

Everyone who was present at the party were shocked to see him so angry. The director apologized and left the scene before it turned uglier.

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