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Gossip: One Hero Making His Fortune With Two Dupes

Gossip: One Hero Making His Fortune With Two Dupes

In the past, it was common for heroes to extensively use body doubles. For instance, the hero would jump from a two-foot stool, and the shot of a double jumping from a hill would be added to make it look like the hero had leaped from a great height.

The shot of the hero landing on the ground would then be filmed separately and edited together with the jump shot.

While fighting scenes are still present, these days they are often replaced by rope shots, chases, and other adventurous sequences.

However, except for a few close-ups and emotional moments, most of the work is done by the doubles. This practice has been going on for a long time.

We have a hero who is a top-tier star commanding a paycheck of Rs 100 Cr. However, he has employed two doubles who resemble him closely to perform stunts and other action sequences. They are also trained to walk, run, and jump just like him. The hero only appears in close-up shots, emotional scenes, and romantic scenes.

Aside from big-budget productions, the hero is also appearing in a medium-budget film. Industry insiders claim that the doubles are doing more work than the hero on these sets.

It's staggering to consider just how many films can be made this way.


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