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Gossip: Actress's Pleasure Trips With Sound Parties!

Gossip: Actress's Pleasure Trips With Sound Parties!

She acted in a couple of films as the female lead after making entry into Telugu Cinema with supporting roles.

She doesn't have many offers on hand at the moment, but leads a very luxurious life by pubbing and partying all the time with her friends from within industry and outside.

She goes on foreign trips regularly and likes to Instagram those pictures.

People wonder how does she make money when she doesn't have any offers in Cinema and in TV as well. The secret is she finds people with fat pockets and goes to pleasure trips with them. 

She will choose one country that she hasn't visited yet and go there with whoever that is interested in 'enjoying' with her.

It is a onetime deal as she doesn't like to get into committed relationships. All she wants is to enjoy life and is using her popularity as film actress and her glamour to grab the attention of sound parties.

She is not even bothered about finding offers lately and only taking up opportunities that come knocking at her door. 


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