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Geetha Govindam Director Terrorizing Producers!

Geetha Govindam Director Terrorizing Producers!

Director Parasuram has scored huge blockbuster with Geetha Govindam and has been ever since waiting for another opportunity.

He is looking to make his next film with a big star, but none of the superstars that he met are willing to team up with him at this point.

Parasuram is committed to do his next film for GA2 Pictures and has taken advances from nearly half a dozen producers.

He hasn't have any confirmed project in the pipeline, but he is demanding for Rs. 10 crore as his remuneration.

Recently, a new producer has reportedly met him and expressed his wish to make a movie with him. Parasuram accepted to do the film, but demanded Rs. 10 Crore as remuneration.

The producer is yet to have another meeting with the director. Parasuram used to be a small time filmmaker until Geetha Govindam happened in which he got a profit share as his remuneration.

He took home nearly Rs. 9 crore for Geetha Govindam and it looks like the director is now expecting similar pay check for every film.

We don't know if this has any role in Parasuram's long wait for another film.



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