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Exclusive: Vaastu Behind Trivikram's Failure?!

Exclusive: Vaastu Behind Trivikram's Failure?!

Tollywood is a place where sentiments abound. In fact, of late, it has become common for people to believe in vaastu, astrology, auspicious time, etc.

And one such film personality is director Trivikram Srinivas. He is known to have his set of sentiments and is said to be a staunch follower of his guru.

Trivikram had also introduced some big celebrities to his guru and talk is that the guru conducts regular 'homams' for them.

And now there is this gossip in tinsel town about Trivikram's recent spate of failures. The culprit is the vaastu of his new house, insist industry insiders.

For those who are unaware, Trivikram's new house is in the lane opposite to ABN Andhra Jyothi's office in Film Nagar. Many who lived in the lane in the past shifted out after going through various problems.

Producers Ashwini Dutt and Bellamkonda Suresh were among them. So was the case with director Srinu Vaitla.

Vaitla who was having a successful run shifted to the lane just before the release of Aagadu. However, once he moved into his new house, his career graph went down drastically and he had three biggest disasters of his career in Aagadu, Bruce Lee and Mister.

However, some argue that Trivikram's house is in a good place despite being on the same lane.

Trivikram started the construction of the house during the making of A Aa and the house warming ceremony was held during the making of Agnyaathavaasi.

Interior designers from Mumbai and Pune were working on the interiors and Trivikram too made a trip to Italy to shop for his house. But the latest talk from Film Nagar is that all work has been put on hold.

Now one wonders what it is that is wrong with the house or the lane? But again, each to his own beliefs, isn't it?



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