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Exclusive: Producer Lost Movie and Car Gift

Exclusive: Producer Lost Movie and Car Gift

A producer has to shell out a lot more than cash cheque to get dates of the big stars. To get the priority dates, they have to please the middlemen, managers and the people who are close to the said top stars.

Similarly, two producers recently gave costly gifts to a director who reportedly managed all the business affairs of a powerful star.

Since the star was making decisions with the advice of this director, a top production house presented him a luxury car in the hope that he would influence the star to allot the dates immediately to the production house. The production house has already given huge advance to the star.

Now, the hero is not in mood to act in films. It is not even clear whether he would be returning to acting any time soon.

Another producer also reportedly presented a costly designer Swiss watch to the director to get dates of the star this year.

Although the hero will be returning the advance amount to the producers, they would be losing the money invested on this director through costly gifts.



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