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Doesn't Balayya Like Chiru's Domination?

Doesn't Balayya Like Chiru's Domination?

Whenever there is an issue in the Telugu film industry, people used to approach Dasari Narayana Rao in the past. He used to solve the issue in some way or the other.

It seems Chiranjeevi has taken the same responsibility after Dasari.

When there were internal fights in MAA and the members were raising allegations against one other in the media, Chiranjeevi took the initiative and solved the issue. 

When the industry came to a standstill due to the lockdown, he organized the Charity fund and brought everybody together. 

There were speculations that many people did not like the program to be lead by Chiranjeevi but they have announced their donations to avoid getting a bad name in public. 

Recently, Chiranjeevi came forward to arrange a meeting at his home to bring back normalcy in the industry. The same team met Telangana CM later.

Balakrishna felt bad that he was not invited though he is a senior hero. His statements have clearly shown that he was upset with the developments. 

Though Chiranjeevi and his team took the initiative for the welfare of the industry, Balayya commented that they have discussed real estate deals. 

Going by his statements, there are comments in the film circles that Balayya doesn't like Chiru to play big brother role in the industry.

Chiranjeevi carries a neutral image right from the beginning when it comes to relations. He even mingles with people who criticize him publicly.

That's the reason why the people who don't like mega domination, are accepting Chiranjeevi as 'Big brother'. Moreover, there is no alternate. 

Chiranjeevi is coordinating all the important issues in the industry for quite some time. 

Now, it is interesting to see how he is going to communicate with Balayya to put a full stop to this episode.

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