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Director's Controversial Chat About 'Uppena' Leaked

Director's Controversial Chat About 'Uppena' Leaked

There is huge risk surrounding whatsapp chat. Any chat will not stop between the two. That may get forwarded in the form of screenshots.

Adding to that,'bitching' is common in the film industry. Though the directors show their concern and love on public platforms, many of them wish not to see the rise of others. 

Freshly a top mid-range director who gained image as someone close to the mega camp was caught in a controversial whatsapp chat.

He chatted about the movie 'Uppena' in a negative way with someone and that has been shared as a screenshot among many. Finally it reached the mega camp as well the bigwigs related to the movie. 

It is needless to say that negative sparks are very dangerous especially in the filmy groups where the career can be built only on good relations and positive word of mouth. 

The mega camp will be silent now. But they show the difference when the time comes. Meanwhile, the director can think about how the issue can be covered. He needs to be double careful while chatting in text on whatsapp.

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