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Dil Raju To Stay Away From Superstars!

Dil Raju To Stay Away From Superstars!

Dil Raju is not a happy man lately as Agnyaathavaasi ended up as a huge flop in Nizam. Dil Raju bought the distribution rights of Agnyaathavaasi for Rs. 29 crore and has reportedly paid Rs. 26 crore to the producer.

The film was expected to set the cash registers ringing like Baahubali, but sadly ended up as a disaster.

Agnyaathavaasi will end up below Rs. 11 crore in Nizam area, which means Dil Raju will lose Rs. 15 crore on it.

Earlier he lost more than Rs. 12 crore on Spyder starring Mahesh Babu.

The star producer is super successful as a producer but couldn’t be as successful as a distributor of late.

Producers are quoting high prices for big stars films and one has no option but gamble if they want to stay in the game.

Flops like Spyder, Agnyaathavaasi and Om Namo Venkatesaya left huge hole in Dil Raju’s pockets.

He has now decided to stay away from superstars movies irrespective of the craze and hype surrounding them.

He will continue as a distributor but will stick with low budget and medium budget movies as the risk is low and returns are huge.

He bought the entire Telugu states distribution rights of Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema for Rs. 18 crore. Dil Raju is hoping to bounce back as distributor with Tholi Prema.



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