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Did NTR Stop Surender Reddy to Direct Prabhas?

Did NTR Stop Surender Reddy to Direct Prabhas?

A video interview of Surender Reddy has gone viral on social media with fans fighting over it. NTR’s fans are trolling director Surender Reddy without really understanding what he said. 

In this interview, he explained how he missed the chance of directing Prabhas at the very early stage of his career.

He was to direct Prabhas soon after the release of “Atanokkade” but he missed the opportunity due to NTR’s then-manager Sukumar.

He was explaining how he had missed the chance of directing Prabhas but he didn’t say anything negative about NTR. But NTR’s fans have taken it in the wrong context and started trending against Surender Reddy.

Some even went on suggesting NTR that he should teach a lesson to ‘Sye Raa’ director. They are tagging NTR on twitter.

“After the release of Atanokkade, a producer arranged a meeting with Prabhas. I have prepared a script for him and was to narrate the script to him. But NTR’s manager Sukumar had taken me to a place and made to stay there for two days and emotionally blackmailed me to direct NTR. Since I am introduced by Kalyan Ram, they said I should direct NTR as my second film. I have taken up ‘Ashok’ thus. The story was given by them but I changed the script according to my style,” he explained.

Clip of this interview is now being used by NTR fans to slam Surender Reddy who just delivered ‘Sye Raa’ with Chiranjeevi. Surender Reddy is planning to direct Prabhas now but nothing has been finalized yet.

He made two films with NTR - ‘Ashok’ and ‘Oosaravelli’ and both of them bombed at the box-office.

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