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Clash Between Mega Family And Allu Arjun?

Clash Between Mega Family And Allu Arjun?

It appears that Allu Arjun is now distanced from Chiranjeevi, Nagababu, and Pawan Kalyan.

According to reliable sources, these three are very upset with Allu Arjun. Their anger stems from Bunny's last-minute participation in the campaign for the YCP candidate under the guise of friendship.

Nagababu expressed his anger directly by tweeting his discontent. Reliable sources suggest that Nagababu is criticizing Bunny with rather harsh language among his close circle.

Megastar Chiranjeevi seems to have remained silent, in line with his age and status.

When the matter was brought up, Pawan Kalyan appeared slightly irritated and dismissed it, suggesting to "let it go." Such gossip is circulating in various forms in Tollywood.

However, it seems Bunny has no intentions of severing ties with the Mega family. The fact that he donated two crores to Janasena in 2019 before others is not widely known.

Additionally, when Nagababu faced trouble, Bunny supported him by acknowledging him as the presenter of the movie "Na Peru Surya," and sources say that he provided financial help as well.

Bunny, who has contributed significantly, is now being criticized merely for campaigning for his friend, which the Mega family views as a transgression.

Bunny's close friend, Bunny Vas, worked tirelessly for Pawan in the last elections. However, Pawan later distanced himself.

Subsequently, Pawan approached Bunny Vas again, entrusting him with key responsibilities. If Bunny disagrees, Bunny Vas might not play a crucial role for Janasena.

According to sources close to Bunny, he didn't anticipate such a reaction to his actions. He didn't expect the Mega family to scrutinize the matter so intensely, hence his silence.

However, there are indications that members of the Mega family are fuming at Bunny in internal discussions. There are rumors suggesting that a key figure is using harsh language towards him.

An industry source said, "Allu Arjun is an actor who grew tall in his career individually without the support of a stalwart director like Rajamouli. He also brought the first National Award in the category of 'Best Actor' to the Telugu Film Industry, which was not even achieved by Chiranjeevi. Apart from this, he is also known for his bountiful nature of helping his family members and friends when they are in need. His individual decision should be respected rather than cornering him."

Another industry source says that just as the Nandamuri family distanced Jr NTR from them with their overreaction to situations, the Mega family is also doing the same with Allu Arjun by overthinking about themselves.


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