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Can Vikram Succeed At least This Time?

Can Vikram Succeed At least This Time?

Vikram is a talent and hardworking actor. He tries to bring in some new element in his films. But unfortunately, he is not able to get the results in tune with his hard work. 

After the tremendous success of Aparichutudu, Vikram could not get any result of that range. But now, he is once again going to present innovation in his own style.

In this film, Vikram is playing the role of a transgender villain. The trailer looks very promising, but it is too premature to assess whether it is going to fetch him huge success or not. 

It may be mentioned that the trailer of Vikram’s earlier movie “I” directed by Shankar also raised a lot of expectations of the audiences, but ultimately, it ended up as a disaster.

Even award committees did not acknowledge the difficulties faced by Vikram in doing “I.” Normally, such a flop would plunge the hero into depression, but Vikram took it very sportively and did not deviate from his style. Hard work always pays. Let us see whether this saying would prove right in case of Vikram.

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