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Buzz: Top Telugu Hero's Shocking Food Festival

Buzz: Top Telugu Hero's Shocking Food Festival

He is a top hero. He is known as the perfect host. He is food savvy. Above all he loves to have food sharing with his friends and colleagues.

He loves to order and pay all by himself without depending on producers even during the working days. He adds loads of liquor and smoke also to his hospitality for those who love to have. 

But right now he is working with a different team. They are new to the Telugu hero's emperor-like hospitality. There are about 18 members in the direction team.

After packing up at 6 PM, the hero is starting the most expensive food festival and that goes on till midnight much to the shock of everyone. 

Everything is fine. But the director and producer are worried about the hero's physique. His latest look is showing signs of over eating and less sleep on his face, say a few. 

Of course, a hero's maintenance of physique doesn't stop at bodily muscles. Young look on the face is more important.

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