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Buzz: These heroes yet to get their remuneration!

Buzz: These heroes yet to get their remuneration!

A senior producer in Tollywood is facing a piquant situation. He has been producing good films, but they are not able to get enough revenues at the box office.

As a result, he has fallen to such a situation that he is not able to clear hefty dues to heroes towards their remuneration.

This gentleman has produced a film based on a love story. It has got rave reviews in the film circuits, but could not generate enough revenues.

The producer had no option to pledge documents of his property with the hero, pending clearance of his remuneration dues.

After watching for some time, the bubbly family young hero returned the documents back to the producer, seeking remuneration.

He produced another film based on a youthful love story. As usual, it ended up a disaster. The producer was supposed to clear dues to the extent of Rs 1 crore to the hero, towards remuneration. But so far, the dues were not cleared.

Of late, he produced another youthful love entertainer film. But the result was same. This time, the hero did not keep quiet. He insisted that he be paid remuneration under any cost. The producer has repeated the same old story – pledged the documents of a property with the hero.

It is not known whether the producer will be able to pay the remuneration and take back the papers, or the hero will own up the property.

Let us wait and see.



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