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Buzz: Producers Turn Away After One Flop!

Buzz: Producers Turn Away After One Flop!

He rose to prominence thanks to one blockbuster. He was brought down by a single flop. Anudeep's life experienced highs and lows over the course of 18 months.

Anudeep made a name for himself with "Jathi Ratnalu," one of the biggest blockbusters of 2021. He received numerous offers from Telugu producers and actors after the film’s release.

However, in the hope of gaining a large market, he chose to direct a Tamil-Telugu bilingual starring Tamil actor Sivakartikeyan.

"Prince," his film with Sivakarthikeyan, bombed spectacularly. All of the hype surrounding his directing abilities vanished.

All of the producers who gave him advance payments are no longer interested in working with Anudeep.


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