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Buzz: NTR is Not Happy at All!

Buzz: NTR is Not Happy at All!

"RRR" was named the best action film at the HCA Awards, surpassing Hollywood films. While Rajamouli and Ram Charan celebrate in America, NTR's fans are criticizing Rajamouli on social media for treating their hero unfairly. According to reports, these recent developments have also hurt NTR.

In "RRR," director Rajamouli portrayed Ram Charan in Alluri Sita Ramaraj's guise to perfection. Ram Charan became more famous in North India due to his appearance and acting skills. However, NTR did not receive such popularity.

Despite this, Rajamouli made efforts to get NTR more media coverage in Hollywood. NTR was in the spotlight during their first round of Oscar campaigning. The team ensured that the paid campaign received more exposure for NTR. Similarly, Variety magazine wrote articles about NTR's performance, praising his acting as Oscar-worthy. USA Today predicted that NTR's performance would be nominated for Best Actor. NTR believed it all to be true, but nothing of the sort occurred.

In a recent interview, Hollywood director James Cameron specifically mentioned Ram Charan's acting. However, Hollywood filmmakers did not praise NTR.

All of these developments are said to have made NTR unhappy. Even before Taraka Ratna's death, he decided not to attend any more "RRR" promotions. As a result, he allegedly skipped the HCA awards.

Rajamouli's team quickly spoke to the HCA as a damage control measure, and the organization issued an explanation, stating that NTR was also invited to the ceremony. Overall, NTR is said to be dissatisfied.

Despite this, he will travel to the United States on March 6th to attend the Oscars, which will be held on March 14th. For now, it will be business as usual for him.


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