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Buzz: Dil Raju's Vakeel Saab Tensions

Buzz: Dil Raju's Vakeel Saab Tensions

It has been a longstanding dream for Dil Raju to make a film with Pawan Kalyan. It was fulfilled with Vakeel Saab. 

But nothing has been smooth ever since this film was started. He could save a lot by fixing a fat remuneration to Pawan Kalyan and hiring the least paid artistes for other roles.

But the Corona has put a  brake to this project. Even now the shooting is not going on in brisk pace. There is no clarity about the release of this film though the film is set to be completed by the end of December.

There are many films for this Sankranthi and so no place in theatres for Vakeel Saab till Summer. 

He needs to give a share to Boney Kapoor, produce the film, pay the interests; all put together he needs to spend almost Rs 80 Cr. But the release date has got no clarity and there is no clue on audience' reception as well. 

Above all, keeping the theatres' status aside, even it is a big doubt if this film can be sold at such huge price to compensate the cost. So, all these aspects are potential enough to keep Dil Raju unhappy. 

The industry people are discussing that Dil Raju may be ready to give away the film if anybody can pay him Rs 10 Cr more to the expenditure he incurred so far. 

But Dil Raju is a shrewd businessman and we need not wonder if he makes good money despite these odds.

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