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Buzz: Buyers Getting Ready To Attack Ravi Teja?

Buzz: Buyers Getting Ready To Attack Ravi Teja?

It is known that 'Ramarao On Duty' has bitten the mud at the box office. The buyers are at huge losses. Now they are getting ready to meet Ravi Teja demanding compensation for the losses.

Though producer Sudhakar Cherukuri did his part for the buyers, they were not satisfied and so approaching Ravi Teja on Monday or Tuesday. 

It is known that Ravi Teja is a presenter of this film on his banner Raviteja Team Works. There is another news that he has taken Rs 18 Cr as remuneration in spite of this. 

Ceded and Andhra buyers have decided to meet Ravi Teja with a demand to compensate for their huge losses. 

But it should be noted that Ravi Teja Team Works is projected as a Presenter. Not all Presenters are business partners. Generally they do this out of courtesy. If that is the case, then the attempt of buyers will be in vain.


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