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Buzz: Actress Slaps Makeup Person!

Buzz: Actress Slaps Makeup Person!

Actresses tend to get irritated if a makeup person doesn’t apply it properly on their face. Every actor maintains a personal makeup person, and the person goes with them for every shoot.

Recently, a senior actress hired another man when her makeup woman went on leave. 

The hired makeup professional has also been working in the glamour industry for many years. But she slapped him after realizing that he didn't make her look younger and prettier. 

This incident took place at the shoot of a non-filmy shooting place. The actress has now been dabbling in various mediums besides films. 

When she looked on the monitor, she found that she looked ‘too old’ and scolded the cameraman for ‘poor lighting’.

The cameraperson blamed it on the makeup she applied. So, the makeup person bore the brunt of her anger.

She has been trying to look ‘young forever’ for many years although she has crossed her prime.

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