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Breaking: Mahesh Babu Upset With Mass Song

Breaking: Mahesh Babu Upset With Mass Song

The makers of Guntur Kaaram had initially planned to release the film during the upcoming Sankranthi festival.

However, the current situation suggests a different scenario. Recently, a mass song intended for Mahesh Babu was presented, and it is scheduled for shooting.

Sources reveal that Mahesh Babu expressed dissatisfaction with both the tune and lyrics of the mass song, admonishing Thaman and Trivikram for delivering something routine and below expectations.

He instructed them to completely rework the song and present improvements, according to hearsay.

Internal sources also indicate uncertainty about the time it will take for the team to deliver a version that aligns with Mahesh Babu's taste.

"It remains to be seen whether they will succeed in creating something impressive or if Mahesh Babu will approve of the next attempt, given the time constraints for the release," the source mentioned.

However, following the backlash from fans regarding the song "Oh My Baby," Mahesh Babu appears to have become more vigilant.


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