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Bandla Ganesh Upset With Mega Family!

Bandla Ganesh Upset With Mega Family!

When a person is going through a crisis period, it is nothing but natural that he expects at least a call his close associates and friends to console him, if not a help from them to come to his rescue and bail him out of the crisis.

Tollywood producer-cum-actor Bandla Ganesh is going through such a phase right now.

It is a different matter whether or not he has done a mistake, but he has almost gone to the jail on a non-bailable warrant in a cheque bounce case. Somehow, he managed to come out on bail.

Many of his friends in the film industry are understood to have called Bandla Ganesh and expressed their sympathies with him. Some of them reportedly offered him any help that they could do.

According to reliable sources, leading heroes like Ravi Teja and Mahesh Babu had called Bandla Ganesh and expressed their solidarity with him.

A media baron who had earlier been very close to Bandla also made a call to his wife and told her not to worry.

The media house owner even sent his wife to Bandla’s residence to personally call on the latter’s wife and express support to him.

Bandla was happy to find so many friends coming to his support, but what hurt him was lack of response from the Mega family.

He is reported to have expressed his feelings with his friends about how the Mega heroes have ignored him.

“I treated Pawan Kalyan as a god. I have him a big hit like Gabbar Singh, though my earlier film Teen Maar with him brought huge losses to me. But unfortunately, Pawan did not bother to call on me at least once despite knowing that I was being thrown behind the bars,” Bandla is learnt to have commented before his friends.

Bandla might have done a mistake by defaulting on loan repayment or being involved in a cheque bounce case. But it is a fact that he has got into troubles. The least he would expect from his close friends was a courtesy call, if not help.

Apparently, Bandla is said to be planning to release a video soon, explaining his situation, the cheque bounce case and how his own friends had betrayed him. 

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