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Another Young Hero's Film Goes for Reshoot!

Another Young Hero's Film Goes for Reshoot!

Lately, several young heroes are under stress due to constant delays in production. Lockdown, COVID-19, and other issues have contributed to these delays.

At least five movies featuring young stars have been under production for the last two years. The lengthy production schedules have impacted the creative process of the filmmakers. 

The directors are also under severe stress and confusion.

After watching the edits of the finished works, two young heroes have already called for reshoots of their movies.

Now, yet another young hero is facing the same problem by the order for the ‘reshoot’ from the senior producer. 

This young hero who quite actively participates on social media platforms is currently acting in a couple of films.

One of the movies is bankrolled by a notable production house and the senior producer has turned furious after watching the movie at the editing table. He reportedly scolded the director and has ordered to rewrite and reshoot some portions. 

The director blames the delay in the production for this confusion. The result is that the film would only hit the theaters next year when it completes reshoot and rewrite.

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