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Allu Aravind Saves Saaho From Pre-Release Crisis

Allu Aravind Saves Saaho From Pre-Release Crisis

Saaho the costliest Non-franchise film ever in India has had a smooth release everywhere. It is an achievement for UV Creations that has made only a handful films till now.

Mirchi (Rs. 50 crore budget) was their only big release post Saaho. Despite the inexperience UV Creations pulled it off in style.

However, they had faced some last minute tensions with respect to financial clearings prior to release. That is when Allu Aravind and Dil Raju stepped in to ensure smooth release.

They have reportedly shelled out Rs. 15 crore and Rs. 10 crore respectively while Prabhas himself has given guarantee for Rs. 40 crore.

UV Creations released the film on their own in many territories in AP including Nizam. They would have easily sold off the film given the enormous hype, but they had gone for own release in many areas.

This has put them under financial pressure on the day before release, but their goodwill and healthy relations with top producers helped to clear hurdles. 

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