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Venkatesh Refuses to Back Off

Venkatesh Refuses to Back Off

The Venkatesh starrer “Saindhav” is continuing its promotions.

The team had released teasers, posters, and photos, and on the occasion of Children’s Day, it unveiled another poster stressing that the film would arrive in theaters for the Sankranthi festival without fail.

“Saindhav” is the 75th film in Venkatesh’s career, and this is a prestigious movie for him. Hence, he is not backing off from the competition.

Venkatesh is very much in favor of the festival release. The entire production has been completed.

So, it has become tough for other films to decide about release dates during the Sankranthi festival.

As of now the following films have announced their dates for the festival.

#GunturKaaram – Jan 12, 2024
#HanuMan – Jan 12, 2024
#FamilyStar – Jan 13/14, 2024
#Saindhav – Jan 13, 2024
#Eagle – Jan 13, 2024

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# Ayalaan


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