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USA BO: Shocking! No Audience for Naruda

USA BO: Shocking! No Audience for Naruda

This is really shocking to the distributors and producers. The presence of audiences for the new films was abysmally low – almost to the zero.

Last weekend “Narduda Donaruda” had faced release problems and it hit the screens a day late. Even then, the film couldn’t attract any audiences. The first weekend collections are below $ 4000k (Rs 2,60,000). It was a complete wash out.

The film was originally sold to one distributor and they backed off in the last minute and another distributor stepped in and paid some good money to release it. The new distributor is losing all the dollars.

Even pathetic is the collection of R P Patnaik’s “Manalo Okadu” as the film reported only mere $60 dollars on Friday and thereafter it was stopped for screening. 

In fact, in the recent weeks none of Telugu movies made any money in USA market. “Ism”, “Abhientri”, etc were flops. The last hit was “Premam” that grossed $830k so far.

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